Seamless In-app Experience

Allow users to buy, sell, trade and manage their digital assets without leaving your app.

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Plug-and-Play Digital Marketplace

Designed for you to get started quickly and easily so you can increase the ways you monetize your app. Our all-in-one solution offers:

Digital asset creation/management
Digital asset marketplace/wallet app
Onramp/offramp payment processing (200+ countries and in 25+ currencies)
Advanced reporting and user management capabilities

We’ve built and designed our own marketplace technology, Vessel, secured by Ethereum

Zero cost when setting up your digital assets on our marketplace
Fast transaction speeds - finality within seconds
Designed for single and bulk creation of digital items
Vessel Coin is a virtual currency which can only be redeemed for cash on our platform

Seamless and Intuitive Vessel SDK

Our SDK supports Unity, iOS and Android

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Drive more in-app revenue with Vessel

Our wallet is used by consumers to discover, purchase, sell and trade digital assets, like NFTs, for mobile apps. Once you’ve built an awesome experience using Vessel’s infrastructure, your app can be listed on our marketplace and tap into a new revenue stream. Vessel is the first and largest in-app marketplace and as an AppLovin solution it is connected to the largest network of mobile apps globally.

Bring the largest open marketplace to your mobile apps with Vessel today

Our API is completely free so you can create digital assets at zero cost. No previous experience necessary.

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© 2023 Vessel. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 Vessel. All Rights Reserved.